Bihar Yoga Club


Bihar Yoga Club was founded with the goal to teach and practice classical yoga – Satjananda joga (also known as Bihar yoga), in a way it is thought and lived in Bihar yoga school in Mungir, India.

Focus is to promote, sustain and preserve authentic teaching of Satjananda tradition, and to pass on diverse practices and techniques of Satjananda yoga in their original form, in which they have been applied in Bihar yoga school during last fifty years.

Our intention is to make this style of holistic yoga, which in unique way is adjusted to needs of modern time, and scientifically proven in practice, to make it accessible to people of all ages, sex, health, and physical fitness.

Bihar yoga club is a part of international Satjananda yoga family, whose door are open to people from all over the world, regardless of their race, class, or religious affiliations, in desire that everybody discovers for themselves timeless values of yoga practice.

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